Antarctica's Favorite Honey

Antarctica's Favorite Honey

We are pleased to announce our Egmont Honey’s manuka honey won an informal taste test of six different New Zealand honeys (we won't name the others 🤐) organised by one of the team working at McMurdo station, the United States’ main base in Antarctica, 3864 km south of Christchurch and 1360 km (850 miles) north of the South Pole.

Did you know you can brave the cold and walk to Scott Base from here it will take 40 minutes.

Picture of McMurdo Station that Maunga looks familiar!

Our founder and CEO James Annabell found out about the honey tasting when he received an email from Kyle Morrison, the woman who organised it.

“We got an email saying she’d run a honey tasting competition and everyone at McMurdo Station liked our honey the most, which is quite cool.”

In the email, Morrison, who works at the station, wrote: “I'm sure I'm the only person in the world who has had honey tastings on the ice, and Egmont honey was the fave.”

She was hoping to arrange to get some more Egmont Honey, as the honey supplied through the food service at the station was “some kind of cheapo stuff”.

“She’ll be back in MIQ in a few months' time when she heads back from the US to Antarctica, so we’ll be getting a load of our honey sent to her in MIQ so she can take it back to Antarctica,” Annabell said.

The United States is one of the company’s biggest markets.

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