The Manuka Makers

a window into our world

From Taranaki New Zealand to the world

Come on a journey with us as we take you on a trip around Taranaki and while we explore the region meet some of the key people behind Egmont Honey. 

From Chris one of our farmers helping ecological restoration to Paul transporting hives in and out of the remote South Taranaki countryside. Toby our co-founder and the family who has lived in the area for over 100 years to Jason the master honey craftsman and the care and pride going into every jar.

This pristine region of New Zealand enables us to produce the best Manuka Honey on earth.

Landowner / Farmer Chris Frewin

From Cutting to planting

Helicopter Pilot Paul Greene

Waiting till the sun comes up

Co-Founder Toby Annabell

All Started with a gift

Honey Maker Jason Biggs

30 Years in the making