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Article: Korean Chicken

Korean Chicken

Korean Chicken

We love a little spice and this recipe has just that! A little bit of spice and a whole lot of flavour all in a crunchy, glazed bite-sized chicken piece. Great on top of rice with a side of steamed veg, or straight out of the pan! 


Serves: Serves 4

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 20-25 minutes




7 cloves garlic, minced

¼ cup tamari + 1 tablespoon

1 egg

½ teaspoon freshly grated black pepper

650g boneless chicken thighs, cut into bite-sized pieces

8 tablespoons cornflour

¼ cup rice wine vinegar

1/3 cup water

2 tablespoons Korean gochujang paste

3 tablespoons honey

2 teaspoons freshly grated ginger

Finely sliced spring onions to serve

Sesame seeds to serve




  1. Pre-heat the oven to 220°C and line two trays with baking paper.
  2. Put 3 cloves minced garlic into a bowl along with the 1 tablespoon of tamari, egg and the black pepper.
  3. Add in the chicken and mix well using clean hands.
  4. Put the cornflour into a container with a lid, add in the chicken and shake to coat each piece.
  5. Arrange with space between each piece on the trays and bake for 15 minutes or until cooked through. Remove from the oven.
  6. Put the remaining garlic, remaining tamari, rice wine vinegar, water, gochujang paste, honey and ginger into a heavy-bottomed frying pan over a high heat, bring to the boil then reduce the heat and simmer until thickened.
  7. Add in the chicken and stir well to coat each piece before garnishing with the spring onions and sesame seeds.
  8. Serve with rice and steamed seasonal vegetables.


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