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Article: Egmont Honey Is Growing! In More Than One Way.

Egmont Honey Is Growing! In More Than One Way.

Egmont Honey Is Growing! In More Than One Way.

2021 Q1 Newsletter

2020 Recap A note from our CEO James Annabell

2020 was an interesting year for the NZ honey industry. With Covid-19 lockdowns we noticed a combination of panic buying and more health focussed consumers purchasing a lot of Manuka Honey. Interestingly, one of our largest UK retailers went from 10% of their revenue from online sales to 40% almost overnight. This caused all sorts of distribution issues that meant we could not always capitalise on the increased demand that was there.

So far in the new calendar year we have seen sales come back to more normalised rates. The overall health of the industry seems to be positive.

We have continued to pick up large retailers throughout the UK, Europe, and the USA. We have grown our share in both the domestic market and Australia. We are doing what we can to help NZ beekeepers shift their non-Manuka honey with innovative and attractive packaging formats.

Thank you to all our loyal beekeeper suppliers and customers for your ongoing support.

James Annabell – CEO / Founder Egmont Honey

2020/21 Honey Harvest

The season has so far been one of two halves. Reports out from early flowering regions have been poor, unfortunately. We are reasonably lucky that the later flowering Taranaki region where our hives are placed, experienced stable weather at key flowering times. We are very happy with how the season ended for our apiary business. From a sourcing point of view, we are seeing large volumes of last year's Manuka crop now hitting the market. Prices are generally stable but also reflective of these larger volumes being made available.



We have continued to offer other NZ honey types to our retailers and have slowly but surely gathered some wins. As a result of this, we are in the market for all NZ honey types, Rewarewa, Pasture, Clover, Kamahi, any Multifloral blends. Please email


Temperature Controlled Honey Storage and Maturation Service

Egmont Honey has recently acquired a former Fonterra cool store in New Plymouth. The premises was previously an RMP cool storage facility for finished dairy products close to the Port of Taranaki. The secure site is now listed as RMP EG4 for honey storage.

The team at Egmont Honey has installed precise temperature control allowing remote cellular monitoring. Any temperature abnormalities are detected resulting in a notification sent straight to the phone of the QA Manager and several key staff at Egmont Honey.

Over many years of storing honey, the experienced QA staff at Egmont Honey have developed significant IP around the optimal storage and temperature conditions for maturing new season Mānuka Honey.

If you would like more information and costs for this service please contact


Egmont Health

We are excited to announce we are launching in major Australasian retailer Coles an innovative health supplements range which we think is going to change the way people look at targeted natural health products. All ingredients are sustainably sourced, and packaging made from 100% recycled materials.


Digital Update

We have launched our new website allowing us to better communicate with our customers giving us a flexible platform to support our online and offline growth. Our focus remains our story, our region, and our honey. We have partnered with world-leading eCommerce/digital partners to create and build a best-in-category digital experience.

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